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Quaker Connections - Number 5 - July 1995 - QFHS Members can click here to view

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Dates for your Diary 2
Members' Interests 2
Annual General Meeting 3-5
Who knows What, part 5 6-8
Follow On 8
Bookshelf 8-9
Jennett Cragg of Lancashire (1633-1699) George Adamson 10-17
Quaker Burials at Stanton St Quinton, Wiltshire (1681-1785) Moira Walker 17-18
Shaw(e) of Sussex (1666-1753) Patrick Shaw 18-20
William Marten goes to the Theatre David Hitchin 20-21
General Introduction to Friends House Library 21-23
Some Books of Interest Linda Kennedy 23-24
Correspondence 24-25
Members' Queries 25-27
Information Received 27
Members' Interests 27-28
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