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Quaker Connections - Number 8 - July 1996 - QFHS Members can click here to view

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From the Secretary 2
Friends House Library closure 3
Quaker Strays 3
QFHS Library 3
British Isles Genealogical Register 4
Annual General Meeting 4-5
Questionnaire Results 5-8
Bookshelf 8-10
Quakers in Suffolk & their Meeting Houses Christina van Melzen 10-14
Connections and Apparent Mutual Help between Early Quaker Families in N.E. Norfolk Brian Swann 14-18
Ellis Incident 18
The Laycocks of Sedbergh & Strickland Helen Brink 18-21
Burials at Black Rock, Brighton, Sussex Alex Sloggett 21-25
Correspondence 25
Members' Queries 25-26
Information Received 26
Information Held 26-27
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