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Quaker Connections - Number 30 - November 2003 - QFHS Members can click here to view

Author Pages
Forthcoming Events 2
Editors' notes 2-3
James Green - a 19th century civil engineer and architect Denis Dodd 4-5
Henry Frankland (1583 - ?), an early ancestor Judith M. Wood 6-13
John Gilbert of Duloe, Cornwall Jane Absalom 14-15
Suffolk Quarterly Meeting Quaker Digest Register 15
Kinmuck and Aberdeen: two Quaker schools in Scotland Paul F. Burton 16-17
Ackworth school Archives Frederick A. Davies 18-19
The Archives at Bootham School, York Bridget Morris 20-22
Leighton Park School Archives Tim Newell Price 23-24
What to read about Quakers - readers' ideas 25
Readers' Queries 26
Letters to the editor 26-27
Feedback on Spavold Richard Hoare 27
Members' Interests 28
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