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Quaker Connections - Number 49 - March 2010 - click here to view

Author Pages
Who we are Oliver Pickering 3
Simpson Family of Castlebank Sue Smithson 4
The Problem of Edward Grimshaw; tracking a Sventeenth-Century Yorkshire Quaker Family Oliver Pickering 6
One-Day Regional Meeting, Swindon, 17 October 2009 Richard Wilcockson 18
Facing the Past: The Picture Collection at Friends House Joanna Clark 21
Bookshelf: 1-Sufferings of Early Quakers vol. 10 Central Europe and Asia - Besse- Michael Gandy; 2 - Two Quaker Ladies - A Family Story (Gulielma Maria Fox) by Pamela Richardson Roger Bellingham 25
Obituary, Jean Mortimer Margaret Page 27
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